• Talking Cock  (the second coming)
    Talking Cock (the second coming)

    Richard Herring
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Richard Herring

Talking Cock (the second coming)


It's an object of shame and pride; it can inspire laughter and fear; it's a symbol of power, yet it's incredibly fragile and weak; it can be a pound of flesh or an ounce of winkles, it can be used to express both love and hate; it creates life, it can condemn us to death... and it can do wees as well.

Extras on this double disc spectacular include the long awaited Me1 vs Me2 snooker rematch, two audio versions of Talking Cock from its first outing in 2003, several literal interpretations of where men have put their cocks in the name of pleasure and much more.

Richard Herring

Talking Cock (the second coming)

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His Cock is as funny and fascinating for women as it is for men. I loved it. I only wished it could have been longer
Kate Copstick, Scotsman

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Technical Info

Main Feature - 1hr 31min
Extras - 1hr 51min
Audio Extras - 8hr 50min

DVD9 - 16:9
Region 0 - PAL
Stereo - In Colour

Discs - 2

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Talking Cock (the second coming)
running time - 1hr 31min
filesize (video) - 1.5gb
filesize (mp3 audio) - 109mb

Snooker II
running time - 29min
filesize - 464mb
New Names
running time - 11min
filesize - 222mb
The Story of the Willy Brush
running time - 6min
filesize - 112mb
Foreign Cocks
running time - 8min
filesize - 159mb
Things To Put Your Cock In
running time - 19min
filesize - 327mb Download Info

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