Phil Kay

Phwoar & Peace

gfs-142Shed tears of laughter and sadness.

This book is, funnily, serious.
If you like light silly jokes and trivial nonsense,
put this book down and step away.

Mind you, for a man whose children
have moved away, he does ruminate and riff
on a lot of funny subjects:

Non refundable non fungibles...
The spiralising earwax remover...
Putting the bank on hold with your own music...
Camping Gaslighting...
And how to actually sneak onto an Easy Jet flight...

Phil Kay

Phwoar & Peace

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“Manages to be both tender and hilarious.
A comic in touch with the deepest
wellsprings of his humanity.

Jay Richardson

He is feral and fertile and bursting
with otherworldly energy.

The Scotsman.

A Scotsman

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612 pages(!)

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