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Robin Ince

Happiness Through Science

gfs-48Robin's wonderful romp though science

Robin asks can you be happy and rational at the same time. Join him in a world of Schrodinger cats, multiverses and evolutionary conundrums. Spend an entertaining evening in Robin's company as he orienteers through the craggy landscape of evolution whilst plumbing the depths of his own murky consciousness, all without the aid of a safety net.

In 1986, teenaged Robin Ince made a decision he would come to regret in later life. He chose his A-levels. He rejected his early love of science and instead chose arts subjects.

In later years, Robin has rediscovered his love of science, putting this to good use curating his series of science loving christmas shows, co-presenting Radio 4's Infinite Monkey Cage, and culminating perhaps in the show you now hold in your hands. This is Happiness Though Science.

This DVD includes a feature length commentary by Robin with his Monkey Cage partner Brian Cox.

Robin Ince

Happiness Through Science

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Running Time - 1hr 27mins
Commentary Track - 1hr 27mins
Extras - 10mins
DVD9 - 16:9
Region 0 - PAL
Stereo - in colour

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main show
running time - 1hr 27mins
filesize (video)- 1.3gb
filesize (mp3 audio)- 115mb

bit from nine lessons
running time - 2 mins
filesize - 33mb
running time - 2 mins
filesize - 19mb
easter egg
running time - 3 mins
filesize - 46mb

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