• Lolternative Rock (cd)
    Lolternative Rock (cd)

    Christian Reilly
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Christian Reilly

Lolternative Rock (cd)

lol-rocklive at the Edinburgh Festival

01. Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, One Direction
02. Alternative Facts
03. Americans Are Cool, Elton John, Sweet Home Alabama
04. Honest Love Song
05. Jamiriquai
06. Honest R&B Song
07. Scottish Love Song
08. Feisty Irish Girl (Tribute to Ed Sheeran)
09. Classical Rap Battle
10. Northern Reggae
11. Northern Rock (With Love To Donald Trump)
12. Beck
13. A Song To Bring Americans Together In The Face Of Extreme Weather Events
14. Names
15. A Boy Named Piss
16. A Cappella Singers
17. Bus Story
18. A Fairytale of a Fairytale Of New York
19. I Met This Girl In A Bar One Day
20. If Ideology Was Music
21. Bojocabana (The Ballad Of Treeza)
22. Coldplay
23. Trumpin' 9 to 5

Christian Reilly

Lolternative Rock (cd)

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