Mark Thomas

Bravo Figaro (Live!)


The event is now over.

On the 14th May at 7.30pm, Mark Thomas will introduce his show Bravo Figaro, and then we will all watch the show. After a short toilet break, Mark will answer any questions you might have, live from his house.

Tickets are £5. You'll receive a special link by email which will reserve your place at the show.

Please leave your questions for Mark in the chatroom whilst the show is on.

Bravo Figaro info
As a teenager working on his dad's building sites, Mark used to cringe when he blasted opera out to the workers. Now he's written a show about him in all his grumpy glory. In the performance I say this is not a show about love, well it turns out I was wrong.

Mark Thomas

Bravo Figaro (Live!)

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running times
7.30pm - Intro from Mark (live)
7.35pm - Mark's warmup from Cuckooed
7.55pm - Break for NHS Clap
8.05pm - Intro to Bravo Figaro from Mark (live)
9.05pm - Comfort Break
9.10pm - Q+A with Mark (live)

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