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Bethany Black is back. And this time it’s personal. Okay, it’s always personal, she’s always banging on about herself (self indulgent List).

In 2018 Bethany was diagnosed with autism and agoraphobia. This is a show about accepting the outcome of what she always knew deep down.

Bethany Black


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‘Bethany Black should prepare for world domination’ (Bruce Dessau). ‘Hilariously funny’ (Russell T Davies).

‘I went for an hour laughing at every other word’ ***** The LGBT Arts Review

‘Unwinnable’s greatest strength is that it feels effortlessly coherent… Black has the skill to readily incorporate up-to-date material into her act, and one gets the impression she would feel compelled to drop any routine which no longer resonated with her’ **** Fest Mag

‘Bethany may have called her show Unwinnable but, if you’re looking for a consistent laughter count this Fringe, you’re onto a winner with Bethany.’ **** Funny Women

“Her journey to Channel Four, ‘Doctor Who’ and steadily rising star status makes for hilarious if sometimes incredulous listening.” ✭✭✭✭✭ Three Weeks

“Honest, to the point, and very very funny.” ✭✭✭✭ Arts Award Voice

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filesize (1080p) - 2.75gb
filesize (720p) - 1.11gb
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