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Simon Munnery

Renegade Plumber


A new hour of stand-up and miscellany from Award winning Simon Munnery.

Featuring tales of plumbing woes, his attempts at under tent heating, jokes, songs, poems and the ridicule of capitalism.

Featuring a newly extended version of his classic supermarket medley.

This show was recorded as part of the third GFS festival.

As a special extra, we'd like to offer you a bootleg version of Simon Munnery Sings Søren Kierkegaard. Just in case you are wondering, it's not filmed in a conventional manner.

Simon Munnery

Renegade Plumber

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One of the most tirelessly silly stalwarts of the Fringe
Time Out

Munnery is as bold and brilliant as ever *****

One of the finest gag writers in the business ****

An annual must-see for ny comedy connoisseur

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Renegade Plumber
running time - 59min
filesize (1080p version) - 2.2gb
filesize (720p version) - 1gb

Renegade Plumber Interview
running time - 11min
filesize - 216mb

Simon Munnery Sings Søren Kierkegaard (bootleg)
running time - 60min
filesize - 1.2gb Download Info

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