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Simon Munnery

... and nothing but


Simon returns once again to what he does, being himself for an hour. He will consider The Absurdity of Houses, lament The Neo-Con Con, perform The New Can-Can, extol The Joy of Washing-Up and generally tell it like it is, was, and might be if we could but get our fingers out. All rise.

This fabulous DVD also includes some bits and bobs that Simon has recorded with his Fylm apparatus.

Simon Munnery

... and nothing but

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image description
It’s like a scattergun. Some of it works, some of it doesn’t. But nobody’s getting hurt

Further Info

Technical Info

running times
main show - 57 mins
melbourne joke - 5 mins
skiiing - 11 mins

Download Version Info

main show
running time - 57 mins
filesize - 1.1gb

melbourne joke
running time - 5 mins
filesize - 104mb
running time - 11 mins
filesize - 195mb Download Info

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