Brendon Burns

Burnsy vs Brendon

PRR013double lp

note - this is the last one I have and it's slightly creased in the corner. So - it's half price!

Looks like comedy records are coming back - at least this one is.

Here's a super-limited release of from Palm Reader Records. We have just got another 10 of these in to sell - so please do not snooze. Or you know you will loose.

This from the Palm Reader website

'Holy shit! You've asked for it. You've got it. Part one of the Burnsy vs Brendon trilogy has been remastered and committed to vinyl. Sleeve notes and new artwork like the comedy albums of yore. Two LPs with a gatefold cover.
Limited to 300, so if Brendon gets cancer or some shit this will be worth a fortune.'

Brendon Burns

Burnsy vs Brendon

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