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Get the audio version of RHMOL here. It's the same as the video version, except -

1. There's only audio
2. It's slightly cheaper

Richard Herring is attempting the impossible - he is making a six part TV show all by himself. And once you've made a decision like that you may as well use your TV show to explain the Meaning of Life.

You will be able to watch all the episodes online for free. Here's a link to the Meaning of Life vimeo channel.

But, as it turns out, TV shows are expensive and so we are offering premium versions of the programmes for those of you that would like to contribute £15 to the making of the series.

These extended shows will include the full version of Rich's expert interviews, as well as a little making of doc and anything else we can get our hands on. And they will be available before the free versions go online.

episode 1 - creation (with Marcus Chown)
episode 2 - the paranormal (with Prof Richard Wiseman)
episode 3 - love (with agony aunt Virginia Ironside)
episode 4 - death (with biochemist Nick Lane)
episode 5 - good and evil (with psychologist Lance Workman)
episode 6 - the shape of things to come (with Alex Krotoski)

Richard Herring's

Meaning of Life Audio subscription

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