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Christian Fitness and Commoners Choir
Ouch: The Songs EP

Mark Thomas
100 Acts of Minor Dissent (audiobook)

Phil Nichol
Welcome To Crazytown

Rob Kemp
The Elvis Dead

Richard Herring
The Problem With Men

Joz Norris
You Build The Thing You Think You Are

Ben Moor
Who Here's Lost?

Pat Cahill
Uncle Len Needs a New Part for His Hoover

Richard Herring
How Not To Grow Up

Nick Helm
All Killer Some Filler

Bethany Black

Simon Munnery
The Wreath

Phil Nichol
I Don't Want To Talk About It

Seymour Mace
Gets Sucked Off By God

George Egg
Anarchist Cook

Richard Herring's

Mark Thomas
Check Up: Our NHS @ 70

Steve McNeil
Hey! Listen! (Live!)

Christian Reilly
Gig Economy

John-Luke Roberts

Tony Law
A Lost Show

Thom Tuck
goes straight-to-DVD

Tony Law
A Law Undo His-elf What Welcome

Live at the Savoy

Mark Thomas
Walking the Wall / Showtime from the Frontline

Ben Moor
Pronoun Trouble

Richard Herring
Three Book Special

Richard Herring
Oh Frig, I'm 50!

Simon Munnery
How to Live

John-Luke Roberts
Look on My Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair! (All in Caps)

Rachel Fairburn
Her Majesty

Simon Munnery
Renegade Plumber

Richard Herring
1001 Emergency Questions

Ruby Wax

Mark Thomas
Box Set

Miles Jupp
Songs of Freedom

Adam Buxton's
Old Bits

Richard Herring
Christmas Emergency Questions

Christian Reilly
Lolternative Rock (cd)

Ruby Wax
Sane New World

Richard Herring
The Best

Richard Herring
Emergency Questions Book

Richard Herring
Postcard and Badge set

Tom Parry
Yellow T-Shirt

Scott Agnew
I've Snapped My Banjo String, Let's Just Talk

John Osborne
No-one Cares About Your New Thing

Seymour Mace
Shit Title

Andy Zaltzman
Satirist For Hire

two for one!
AIOTM and RHLSTP Kickstarter DVDs

Christian Reilly
Lost in Music (cd)

Christian Reilly
Songs of Praise (cd)

Richard Herring
Happy Now?

Tony Law
The Force of Life Nice Awakensing

AIOTM Secret Channel

Wil Hodgson
Live on Bonfire Night

Christian Reilly
Songs of Praise The Movie

Bec Hill
Bec in 1 Hour

Iain Lee

Simon Munnery
... and nothing but

Robin Ince
Robin Ince's Last Ever Show

Gavin Osborn
Easy To Play

Sean Hughes
Mumbo Jumbo

MJ Hibbett (and Steve)
Hey Hey 16K

Tony Law
Maximum Nonsense

Richard Herring
Lord of the Dance Settee

Miles Jupp
Is The Chap You're Thinking Of

Richard Herring
The 10 Shows of Richard Herring

Susan Calman
Lady Like

Brendon Burns
Burnsy vs Brendon

Lou Sanders
Another Great Show Again

Simon Donald
Him Off the Viz

An Improvised Jane Austen Novel

Ian D Montfort

Richard Herring
We're All Going To Die

Sean Hughes

Miles Jupp
Fibber in the Heat (DVD)

Barry Cryer and Ronnie Golden
LIVE! actually

Simon Munnery

Miles Jupp
Fibber in the Heat (CD)

John Cage
Indeterminacy CD

RHLSTP - series 5
series 5 pass

Robin Ince
The Very Least Worst Of Robin Ince

Richard Herring's
Meaning of Life subscription

Sean Hughes
Life Becomes Noises

RHLSTP - series 4
series 4 pass

Richard Herring
Talking Cock (the second coming)

Richard Herring

Ben Moor
Each of Us

Fist of Fun
The Complete Series 1 and 2

RHLSTP - series 3
series 3 pass

Simon Munnery
Fylm Makker

The Boothby Graffoe Mish Mash

Robin Ince
Happiness Through Science

Richard Herring
The Box Lady and Other Pesticles

More Nine Lessons and Carols
For Godless People

Fist of Fun - Series 2

Arnold Brown
Jokes I Have Known

Richard Herring
What Is Love, Anyway?

Richard Herring
Talking Cock

Robert Wringham
You Are Nothing

Tony Law
Go! Mr Tony Go!

Norman Lovett
Outside the Box

Ten Lessons and Carols for Godless People

Fist of Fun - Series 1

Richard Herring
Christ on a Bike (disc 3)

Richard Herring
Christ on a Bike

Tony Law's

Stewart Lee
The Jazz Cellar Tape CD

Simon Donald
Comic to Comic

Wil Hodgson
A Hatful of Hodgson

Richard Herring
AIOTM - The Complete Cumpkin

Baba Brinkman
The Rap Guide to Human Nature

Mr Bartlett and Mr Willis

Andrew Collins
Secret Dancing

Kevin Eldon
is Titting About

Peacock Season

John Shuttleworth
The Minor Tour

Collings and Herrin
War and Peace, Crime and Punishment

Richard Herring
Hitler Moustache (disc 3)

Richard Herring
Hitler Moustache

Richard Herring
As It Occurs To Me - Secret Stand-up

Collings and Herrin
The Best of Earth, Wind and Fire (and Water)

Richard Herring
The Headmaster's Son

Nine Lessons and Carols
for Godless People

John Hegley
and Tony Curtis

Andrew Collins
Where Did It All Go Right?

Stewart Lee
What Would Judas Do?

Richard Herring
Oh Fuck, I'm 40!

Richard Herring
Bye Bye Balham

Robin Ince
Robin Ince is as Dumb as You

Tony Law
an hour and some of tony law

Wil Hodgson
Skinheads, Readers' Wives and My Little Ponies

Lucy Porter
The Good Life

Richard Herring
ménage à un

Simon Munnery

Stewart Lee
Pea Green Boat (10 inch)

Stewart Lee
Pea Green Boat (CD version)

Richard Herring
Someone Likes Yoghurt

Richard Herring
Twelve Tasks of Hercules Terrace

Stewart Lee
90s Comedian

Fist of Fun - Series 1


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It feels like it's all been building up to this - as you know, we've spent the last few years filming the best comedians that are currently working. But did you know that we've been squirrelling the money away, so that we can present this - a four disc set of Fist of Fun series 1.

We've got the TV series of course, but we've also got you a lot more.

There's commentaries on all the episodes from Rich and Stew. The pair of them were reunited in Rich's spare room one glorious Monday afternoon.

We've also got commentaries on some of the other episodes from Kevin Eldon and Ben Moor.

And - we've managed to find the disappointing 60 minute cash-in live show that Rich and Stew released on VHS video back in the day.

Oh, and an unbroadcast pilot episode and a short film of Rich and Stew reminiscing with a box of memorabilia from Rich's attic.

But that's not all. We've done something that no one else has done before. We've got the studio rushes from some of the episodes. That's everything that was recorded on the night. So there's fluffed lines, warm up men, deleted sketches and more. Most DVD makers would have edited this down - but we enjoyed watching them all the way though, so we thought you would too. There's a lengthy essay printed on the box which will guide you though them.

We have also included a mammoth set of files. There's scanned in scripts - both filmed and unfilmed, an mp3 bootleg of a live show recorded in Treforest, press releases, fan club information, images of props - and there's some word documents that Rich found on his computer. It's quite extraordinary - if we do say so ourselves.

And of course there are hidden extras sprinkled around the discs. As usual, the clues to their location are printed on the disc faces.

Oh, and the packaging looks like a little hard back book. So it's lovely before you even put it in your dvd player.

Disc 1
Episodes 1-4

Disc 2
Episodes 5 and 6
Lee and Herring Live at the Cochrane (live show from 1995)
Lee and Herring's 90s Nostalgia (35 min thing filmed in Rich's garden)

Disc 3
Studio rushes from episodes 2 and 4

Disc 4
Studio rushes from episodes 5 and 6
DVD Rom content - scripts, press releases, fan club letters, live audio bootleg and more


technical info

main feature - 2hrs 56mins
commentaries - 4hrs 24mins
extras - 7hrs 8min

Commentary on all episodes by Rich and Stew
Commentary on episodes 3 and 5 by Kevin Eldon
Commentary on episode 2 by Ben Moor
Subtitles for all episodes

4 x DVD9
4:3 (mostly)
Region 0 - PAL
Stereo - In Colour

download version info

main shows
running time - 29 mins
filesize - 500mb

Lee & Herring Live
running time - 1hr
filesize - 1.3gb
90s Nostalgia
running time - 34 mins
filesize - 420mb

studio tape 2
running time - 5 mins
filesize - 1.4gb
studio tape 3
running time - 5 mins
filesize - 1.4gb
studio tape 5
running time - 5 mins
filesize - 1.5gb
studio tape 4
running time - 5 mins
filesize - 1.5gb
studio tape 6
running time - 5 mins
filesize - 2.1gb

running time - 11 mins
filesize - 195mb

These files have no copy protection, and should play on every device that exists. If you can`t get it to play - get in touch and you can have your money back.

To play the video version on an ipad, ipod or iphone you can stream the files directly from our site.

If you wish to put them onto your apple device, you will first need to download the file onto a computer and them import it via itunes.

`It`s not as good as I remembered`
Stewart Lee

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