Ben Moor

Pronoun Trouble


Pronoun Trouble: Miscellaneous subjects that crossed my mind while listening to a lecture about Chuck Jones’s Hunting Trilogy (1951-53) (which was nevertheless really good)

Ben is sitting in a lecture about a series of Chuck Jones cartoons, but his thoughts drift off in various directions.

There's his friendship with the person he came with, the T-shirts he has at home, his favourite words, his favourite books, and the schism on London’s high streets between the conflicting denominations of launderettes and laundrettes.

And all the while, the lecturer is following her own sweet way, exploring new meanings in the films, quoting obscure academics and offering a different way of looking at the world.

Are any of us following the script?
Aren’t we all in some kind of pronoun trouble?

Using Powerpoint and stand-up, Pronoun Trouble combines a fact-adjacent lecture about three extraordinary short films and a whole ton of other topics that sometimes come to mind.

Ben Moor has been producing hugely inventive solo comedy pieces since 1993. His most recent solo show, 'Each of Us' was described by The Guardian as 'A moving satire on the arbitrariness of the everyday, rivaling the best of Douglas Adams in its witty conjugation of cultural norms and ephemera.'

Ben Moor

Pronoun Trouble

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