Rachel Fairburn

Her Majesty

Families need strong female role models, problem is there's too many in Rachel's clan. They aren't just strong, they're the matriarchs of the matriarchy. It’s no wonder all her heroes are men.

When you consider those heroes include Liam Gallagher, Keith Richards and Paul McCartney (specifically in 1965) it's obvious why she doesn't know when it's bedtime and has a talent for making poor decisions.

Rachel is the co-host of the cult hit podcast All Killa No Filla.

Rachel Fairburn

Her Majesty

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Rachel Fairburn’s show Her Majesty is gag-heavy, opinionated and smart. The Mancunian comedian is as no-nonsense as the matriarchs of her life and takes on varying subjects with the frank wit of her idols the Gallagher brothers
Funny Women

Has huge presence in a pint-sized frame…hilariously harsh and acerbic at times – but even-handed

Darkly hilarious wunderkind

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Her Majesty
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Rachel Interview
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