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Richard Herring

Happy Now?


After years of drifting aimlessly and alone, Richard Herring is now settled down with a wife and a tiny baby. Is he finally happy now? Or does responsibility for the lives of others come with its own terrors?

In his twelfth solo stand up show, Richard examines whether we can ever hope to be or are meant to be truly content. If we were never unhappy would happiness have any meaning? Why do our brains force us to envision the worst possible outcomes even on a day when everything seems fine. How likely is it that Richard's baby will be skewered by a stalactite of frozen urine falling from a plane and is it really worth him wasting his time thinking about it? Does being happy mean a comedian loses his edge and true belly laughs only come from depression? How much pressure was there on Happy the dwarf to live up to his name? Is there any system that will guarantee us eternal bliss or should we just embrace the fact that life is a vale of tears and our only option is to laugh in its face?

This DVD was recorded in St David's Hall, Cardiff. It captures a superb performance in front of the biggest audience of Richard's career.

As usual, there's loads of extras to get your teeth into. For the first ever time, we've been able to get audio recordings of the first and last ever performance of Happy Now?

We've also included an extended backstage tour of St David's Hall, a clip from Rich's appearance on Made In Cardiff TV, and the two home movies that Rich mentions in the show.

Finally, we are very pleased to be able to present two short films directed by Ben Mallaby and featuring performances by Rich - Mosquito and While You Were Away.

Richard Herring

Happy Now?

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running time - 1 hr 42 mins
video extras - 1 hr 1 min
audio extras - 3 hrs 40 mins
DVD9 // 16:9 // Region 0
PAL // Stereo // In Colour

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running time - 1hr42 mins
filesize - 1.4gb

Tour of St David's Hall
running time - 37 mins
filesize - 768mb
Made In Cardiff feature
running time - 4 mins
filesize - 60mb Download Info

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