Tony Law

The Force of Life Nice Awakensing

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From Tony -

2 shows charting recovery from the usual.
Only he did the usual really huge.
Anyways. Phase one and two.
Phase 3 is return to normal out next year.
Actually not normal.
Return to 15 years old.
Double album to make up for the jittery stage fright and mental devastation.
Enjoy this phase

This DVD contains two full shows. The main show was recorded at the fantastic Machynlleth in May 2016, and the b-side show was filmed as part of the first Go Faster Stripe Festival in Bloomsbury at the end of 2015. The festival show has the honour of being the first show Tony has performed sober.

Tony Law

The Force of Life Nice Awakensing

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running times
main show - 57 mins
festival show - 59 mins
leaving machynlleth - 5 mins

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main show
running time - 57 mins
filesize - 1gb

festival show
running time - 59 mins
filesize - 1.1gb
leaving machynlleth
running time - 5mins
filesize - 99mb Download Info

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