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Showtime from the Frontline (live)


Following the success of his lockdown live stream of Bravo Figaro, Mark Thomas brings his acclaimed 2018 Showtime From the Frontline to fans' screens with a live stream followed by a live Q&A with himself and his co-stars Faisal and Alaa, on Tuesday 9th June at 7:30pm.

The intro and Q+A will include BSL signing, and the main show will have subtitles.

Please leave your questions in the chatroom as the show is on.

Showtime from the Frontline info
Thomas explains the genesis of the show here: 'Back in 2009, I walked the length of the Israeli wall in the West Bank. I was arrested, fell down mountains and slept in the middle of an Israeli firing range, and I was prepared to follow my own stupidity as long as that route was the route of the wall.

I was persuaded to venture from this path to visit the Jenin Freedom Theatre, a theatre in a refugee camp, run by Juliano Mer Khemis, a half Palestinian, half Israeli actor. In retrospect, I ran out of boxes to tick half way through that last sentence.

Juliano was the first person to ‘get’ what I was doing. Palestinian translators and helpers usually heard that I wanted to walk the length of the wall and promptly indicated to their car. On one occasion a farmer offered to drive me to my intended destination, when I pointed out that the route I wished to follow was farmland with no roads he said, “Is OK I have tractor.”

But when I meet Juliano he said “So what are you doing here?”

“Well 'I am walking the length off the Israeli wall talking to as many people as I can and trying to find out what is going on…”

He turned sharply and said, “Fuck. That is what we were going to do!”

He called to a colleague down the hall who stuck his head of the door and shouted, “He’s walking the length of the wall.”

“Fuck” said his colleague.

And so began a decade long relationship with a theatre that resulted in Showtime from the Frontline.

Working with Dr Sam Beale, who teaches stand-up at Middlesex Uni, I ran a series of stand-up comedy classes in Jenin. Some of our students had never performed before, some were Juliano’s students. Our aim was open up a comedy club in a refugee camp…a very conservative refugee camp surrounded by one of the most heavily armed and trigger happy armies in the world. The result….well you have to watch the show to find out. But what I am happy to tell you is that after many adventures with bureaucracy we managed to get two of our comedic comrades Faisal Abu Alhayjaa and Alaa Shehada to the UK where together we wrote and performed the show we are incredibly proud of; Showtime from The Frontline, the story of how to be yourself when everyone else wants to put you in a box!'

Age Rating - 15 (some swearing)

Message from IMET2000
Mark Thomas is a patron of IMET 2000 a charity working in Palestine, dedicated to training professionals treating child physical and mental trauma.

He has worked with IMET 2000 on several comedy and theatre projects in Palestine and is asking if you can help their work.

There is a real fear that the COVID -19 lockdown will result in a dramatic increase for mental health services, especially in the Palestinian refugee camps.

A percentage of ticket income for this event that will go to IMET 2000 but we ask if you could make a donation to support our child mental health programmes in Palestine and Lebanon.

Every penny counts and is appreciated. Thank you.

Please donate here:

Mark Thomas

Showtime from the Frontline (live)

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Showtime from the Frontline (live)
running times
7.30pm - Intro from Mark (live)
7.35pm - Showtime from the Frontline part 1
8.35pm - Comfort Break
8.45pm - Showtime from the Frontline part 2
9.40pm - Other Comfort Break
9.50pm - Q+A with Mark, Sam, Faisal and Alaa (live)

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