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Well, mostly DVDs. There's also books and CDs too. Click for more info

Scott Agnew
I've Snapped My Banjo String, Let's Just Talk

John Osborne
No-one Cares About Your New Thing

Seymour Mace
Shit Title

Andy Zaltzman
Satirist For Hire

two for one!
AIOTM and RHLSTP Kickstarter DVDs

Christian Reilly
Lost in Music (cd)

Christian Reilly
Songs of Praise (cd)

Richard Herring
Happy Now?

Tony Law
The Force of Life Nice Awakensing

AIOTM Secret Channel

Wil Hodgson
Live on Bonfire Night

Christian Reilly
Songs of Praise The Movie

Bec Hill
Bec in 1 Hour

Iain Lee

Simon Munnery
... and nothing but

Robin Ince
Robin Ince's Last Ever Show

Gavin Osborn
Easy To Play

Sean Hughes
Mumbo Jumbo

MJ Hibbett (and Steve)
Hey Hey 16K

Tony Law
Maximum Nonsense

Richard Herring
Lord of the Dance Settee

Miles Jupp
Is The Chap You're Thinking Of

Richard Herring
The 10 Shows of Richard Herring

Susan Calman
Lady Like

Brendon Burns
Burnsy vs Brendon

Lou Sanders
Another Great Show Again

Simon Donald
Him Off the Viz

An Improvised Jane Austen Novel

Ian D Montfort

Richard Herring
We're All Going To Die

Sean Hughes

Miles Jupp
Fibber in the Heat (DVD)

Barry Cryer and Ronnie Golden
LIVE! actually

Simon Munnery

Miles Jupp
Fibber in the Heat (CD)

John Cage
Indeterminacy CD

RHLSTP - series 5
series 5 pass

Robin Ince
The Very Least Worst Of Robin Ince

Richard Herring`s
Meaning of Life subscription

Sean Hughes
Life Becomes Noises

RHLSTP - series 4
series 4 pass

Richard Herring
Talking Cock (the second coming)

Richard Herring

Ben Moor
Each of Us

Fist of Fun
The Complete Series 1 and 2

RHLSTP - series 3
series 3 pass

Simon Munnery
Fylm Makker

The Boothby Graffoe Mish Mash

Robin Ince
Happiness Through Science

Richard Herring
The Box Lady and Other Pesticles

More Nine Lessons and Carols
For Godless People

Fist of Fun - Series 2

Arnold Brown
Jokes I Have Known

Richard Herring
What Is Love, Anyway?

Richard Herring
Talking Cock

Robert Wringham
You Are Nothing

Tony Law
Go! Mr Tony Go!

Norman Lovett
Outside the Box

Ten Lessons and Carols for Godless People

Fist of Fun - Series 1

Richard Herring
Christ on a Bike (disc 3)

Richard Herring
Christ on a Bike

Tony Law`s

Stewart Lee
The Jazz Cellar Tape CD

Simon Donald
Comic to Comic

Wil Hodgson
A Hatful of Hodgson

Richard Herring
AIOTM - The Complete Cumpkin

Baba Brinkman
The Rap Guide to Human Nature

Mr Bartlett and Mr Willis

Andrew Collins
Secret Dancing

Kevin Eldon
is Titting About

Peacock Season

John Shuttleworth
The Minor Tour

Collings and Herrin
War and Peace, Crime and Punishment

Richard Herring
Hitler Moustache (disc 3)

Richard Herring
As It Occurs To Me - Secret Stand-up

Collings and Herrin
The Best of Earth, Wind and Fire (and Water)

Richard Herring
The Headmaster's Son

Nine Lessons and Carols
for Godless People

John Hegley
and Tony Curtis

Andrew Collins
Where Did It All Go Right?

Stewart Lee
What Would Judas Do?

Richard Herring
Oh Fuck, I'm 40!

Richard Herring
Bye Bye Balham

Robin Ince
Robin Ince is as Dumb as You

Tony Law
an hour and some of tony law

Wil Hodgson
Skinheads, Readers' Wives and My Little Ponies

Lucy Porter
The Good Life

Richard Herring
ménage à un

Simon Munnery

Stewart Lee
Pea Green Boat (10 inch)

Stewart Lee
Pea Green Boat (CD version)

Richard Herring
Someone Likes Yoghurt

Richard Herring
Twelve Tasks of Hercules Terrace

Stewart Lee
90s Comedian

Welcome to Go Faster Stripe. We make and sell DVD recordings of comedians that are tragically overlooked by the mainstream.

Our DVDs are cheap - mostly £12 - and they come in the sort of cardboard wallets you get with free DVDs from newspapers. That's the kind of forward thinking that keeps the price down and our profits up.

Fancy one of these?

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BADGE fund

Susan Calman - Lady Like

It's been out on download for a while, but now the physical DVD of Susan Calman's excellent show Lady Like it right effing here.

Miles Jupp is the Chap You're Thinking Of

Miles Jupp's excellent show is here on DVD - or if you want it sooner and cheaper, you can download it here too!

12 (10) Shows of Richard Herring

Rich is performing every one of his shows over 6 weeks, and you can download them here!(all except 2 of them)
Sale on!

There are new things in the sale!

Go here to see!

Austentatious Live

A hilarious and moving improvised hour with the Chortle award winning group.
Ian D Montfort is Unbelievable

Tom Binns performs as his brilliantly funny psychic medium character. I can't work out how he does it. Maybe he is as real as those other psychics.
We're All Going To Die

Richard Herring's latest DVD - a show all about the inevitable - packaged as a double disc spectacular with buckets of extras
Richard Herring's Meaning of Life

Richard Herring's new 6 part TV show is being made right now. And if you want to help by buying a series pass, or paying a pound (or more) to support it, then please go here!
The Very Least Worst of Robin Ince

This new Robin Ince DVD is is a technological marvel - if it works - 23 tracks of Robin Ince that play in a different order each time you watch.
New for 2014 - Sean Hughes DVD - Life Becomes Noises

Here's Sean's fantastic new show for sale to you. It's a marvellous show - Sean deals with the tragic death of his father in a sensitive, wise and most of all hilarious manner.

Some new things

1. Give the gift of a podcast
Richard Herring's star-packed podcasts have been causing a stir - there are 17 episodes spread over 2 series. And lots of you have been asking if you can buy a subscription for a friend. We've just made that a little easier - if you buy a gift subscription, we will email you a card that you can print out and fold up and put in an envelope of your choosing. Or you can just forward them the email. Whatever. [more info]

2. Books
We are not just about the DVD, we are also about the book. We have a lovely range here. They are all excellent. All of them. Can Waterstones say that? [more info]

3. Robin Ince's Christmas DVDs
Robin Ince curates an incredible annual secular celebration of Christmas, and we have recorded three of the shows. They are 50% Royal Variety and 50% Royal Institution Christmas Lectures and 100% Chrismassy. [more info]

4. Off The Radar
Here's a collection of items that are for the comedy aficionado. These people are rarely on TV or radio, but are all ace! [more info]

Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

It's time for series 4!

It's happening again - for the second time we are filming every episode of Rich's new series of RHLSTP - the podcasts from the Leicester Square Theatre. This new series features Simon Pegg, Stephen Merchant, Miles Jupp, Miranda Hart, Dara O'Briain, Ross Noble, Shappi Khorsandi and Rufus Hound. Smart people can get a series pass for £15 - or you can get individual episodes for £3.50 each.

You can buy a series pass (or individual episodes by clicking here!

Also available is a download of the Stewart Lee episode from last year's series. It was originally recorded as an extra for the Fist of Fun series 2 DVD, and is not part of the above series pass.

Free Tony Law 20 Minutes Video

How would you like to look at Tony Law for 20 mins? And what if he was doing a bit about elephants? It would be pretty good, wouldn't it?

Click the elephant to make your dreams come true!

Simon Munnery - Fylm Makker

Simon has made another great leap forward for all performing kind. He's constructed an apparatus that lets him make live films. And you can look at the hilarious results from his experiments here in this DVD.

Norman Lovett - Outside The Box

It's only Norman Lovett! Holly, from Red Dwarf, and he's only made a DVD with us! Click here for more on this excellent DVD.

Fist of Fun

That's right - we've bought the rights! And the first series is out now! Click the cover (or here) for more details - and to order if you want to.

Putting this DVD set out is a pretty big deal for us - so much so we've written a press release. It is here.

Click to download the press release

Ten lessons and Carols for Godless People

A double audio CD from Robin Ince's secular Christmas Shows. Click for clips and a list of the stellar cast.

Richard Herring - Christ on a Bike

And lo - as was fortold he has returned to us for the second coming of his fabulous 2001 show. And if you buy it from us, you get an exclusive 3rd disc of extras. Click here for details - and to buy your own copy.

Tony Law's Brainporium

Fresh from his appearence on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and resident of Time Out's Top 10 Christmas DVDs, it's Mr Tony Law! And he's only got a new DVD! Click for clips to see just how good!.

Kevin Eldon is Titting About!

Kevin Eldon is that chap that has brightened up the best comedy shows of recent years, and this is the first time he has done a solo show.

And we are lucky enough to have it here. It is ace!

peacock season!

Have you heard about the Peacock Season? It's the £58 film made in Edinburgh about the festival. And despite its shoestring budget it is a honest and funny look at the festival. We were delighted to be approached by the producers to see if we could make it available. And here it is!

Click here for clips and comments from the great and good.

hitler moustache!

As you might already know, and as usual, we have filmed this ace show by Richard Herring. For the first time, it will be available in normal shops, rather than this crazy internet thing. That is good news for everyone except us, as we will only get money from sales from our site. So please buy it from us. If you do that, you’ll get a couple of special Go Faster only bonuses - an exclusive third disc of extras, and a stupid Velcro moustache.

Don't take our word for it - click here to look at the clips and you can hear Rich saying more or less the same thing.

The Best of Earth, Wind and Fire *

This is another one of our experiments. You know Richard Herring and Andrew Collins do a free podcast each week? Well, this is the same thing except you have to pay for it.

Well - there are a few changes from the free version. Here you get four podcasts, and a few extras all in mp3 format on one cd. There's over five hours of stuff there. And we recorded them in a proper studio, which we left mostly as we found it. They were out of stock for a while, but now we have plenty. Listen to a sample, and buy one, by clicking here. Or on the cover. Whatever.

* and Water

The Headmaster's Son

Right. Get your books out. Turn to page 19 in your media studies textbooks - and behold this - a DVD of Richard Herring doing jokes about what it was like to be the son of your school's headmaster. Could that explain the way he turned out, do you think? Discuss! See more here.

Merry Christmas!

Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People - is out! This time last year a lovely series of concerts took place in London. They are on again this year, as a matter of fact. They were organised by Robin 'friend of ours' Ince, and he asked us to go down and film them. So we did.

The shows are a celebration of Christmas with all that religious mumbo jumbo removed. There's quite a catalogue of lovely people involved See more here.

John Hegley!

John Hegley and Tony Curtis - is out. I am very happy about this. John has been a hero of mine since I first saw him in the early nineties. And he's a hero of all other right thinking folk too. See clips and buy it here.

Andrew Collins - 4 CD Set

Where Did It All Go Right? - our first audiobook. It's Andrew reading his lovely book of memories of growing up in Northampton. Look at it here.

Stewart Lee 3 CD Set

What Would Judas Do? - three complete shows from the end of the run of Stew's ace theatre piece from 2007. Look at it here.

Richard Herring's DVD

Here's our new release. A double DVD spectacular of Oh Fuck I'm 40!. Buy it here. Now. Before you too get too old to work the internet.

Richard Herring's book

Rich has written a book, and we have only gone and published it. It is here. The copies are being stored at my house and Rich's house, so it would help the pair of us out if you could buy as many as you can.

Robin Ince

I bet you had almost given up hope. Well, the wait is over - please proceed over here to see clips from Robin Ince's new DVD. It is very lovely.

The Headmaster's Son posters

Head over to the merch section to get your hands on a limited edition poster from Rich's latest show.

Tony Law is here !

This time we present to you - Tony Law. And he's in a DVD called 'An Hour and Some of Tony Law'

We were going to call this 'An Hour of Tony Law' but it went on five minutes too long.

This is our first DVD to feature a special smelly label. It smells a little bit like strawberries. Really. Do you think that will combat piracy? How do you copy a smell?

Wil Hodgson is here !

And now - Wil Hodgson - Skinheads, Readers' Wives and My Little Ponies

This is DVD we are very proud of. Who would make a DVD of a fat pink haired man with the mind of a teenage lesbian? Us, that's who.

lucy porter is here !

Presenting - Lucy Porter - The Good Life

We are proud to present the lovely Lucy Porter in her first ever DVD.

new things for sale

Richard Herring has given us some of his old posters. And we've bought some cardboard mailing tubes.

These are the last of their kind - once we run out, that will be it. You can buy them by clicking the new 'merch' button up at the top of this page, or click the posters - or click here.

recording night photos

Have you heard that John Hegley was here? Well - he was. Look.

See what Paul Sinha and Wil Hodgson looked like when we filmed them.

latest dvd

Presenting - Richard Herring's ménage à un

It is our first ever 18 cert. So be careful.


Ladies and gentlemen - please welcome our fifth thing - Simon Munnery's Hello

Look at our reviews page

Look at pictures from our latest recording nights
Look at pictures from the recording of Someone Likes Yoghurt
Look at pictures from our launch night


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